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Some tips for chatting:

Respect: Always respect others chatting here. All chatters are here to have a good time and make some new friends. If you disrespect other users you will be kicked from the chat room.

Safety: Never give out information about yourself here. People here only know things about you that you allow them to know. It is NEVER advised to give out your phone number or address to people you do not know

To talk to someone in private simply click on their name 2 times in the names list and a private chat box will come up allowing you to talk privately while still being able to talk in the public room. Please be respectful of others! Do Not type to people in ALL CAP Letters this is looked at as yelling and you may be kicked from the room. Try not to flood the screen with all your text... This will cause you to be kicked from the room. If you need any help please join the #opers room and someone there will be able to assist you. If you plan to chat here often remember to register your name so that no one else can use it.

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